Thursday, March 17, 2016

My first time out as a girl

The first time I ventured out as Rachel was in 2002. I wore a black top with a gold heart embroidered on it and a lined red pencil skirt.
Sounds simple ... just do my makeup, get dressed, and walk out as a girl, right? For my many friends who have gone through this, it is a very scary, exciting, and terrific experience.
I spent what felt like an eternity applying my makeup. Looking back, I did a pretty horrible job, but, hey, I had not had much practice to that point lol. I then put on a nice bra (with breast forms of course), panties, and pantyhose. Last step was to put on a lacy nylon half slip before putting on my not-very-stylish top. I then stepped into my red skirt, pulled it up, and took a deep breath to zip it up. Heels were next. By that time, I really felt like I was finally going to let Rachel out at last !
When I put on my wig, the look was complete and I felt soooooooo great. All this time (about 2 hours) and not to go out seemed like a true waste!
I had tried to muster up courage to go out as Rachel many times before only to stay in my hotel room. This one particular night, I put my hand on the doorknob of my hotel room several times, only to pull away and convince myself that i was not ready. Somehow, I did gain the courage that night and ventured into the hallway of the hotel dressed as you see here (I have guts to even show you this pic!). I walked down the hall to the elevator, enjoying every step as the girl I knew I always was. Also dreading that I would run into someone while walking. I got to the elevator and to the main floor. No one except a girl at the desk saw me. I was relieved and sort of disappointed at the same time.
I went outside an walked around, enjoying every minute of feeling my long hair, my skirt and heels, and being so very happy finally being Rachel.
I am sharing this as a sort of encouragement for other Tgirls who have yet to venture out as a girl. Hey, if I have the courage to share these less-than-flattering pics, you should be able to venture out and enjoy being the girl you truly are, right? Please feel free to share this with anyone you'd like.
My message ... realize that being a girl IS part of who you are. To gain happiness, embrace your femininity and enjoy being a girl. Love from Rachel.

Here are a couple of pics of me during my first time out ...

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