Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Below are some updates to Rachel's Place that were done a couple of days ago. Enjoy! Comments on my blog or my website please, please!

I have changed the photo in Miranda Truesdell’s Lingerie Model award and updated the Lingerie Models page with a better gallery format. The April 2016 issue of Prtty Tgirls Magazine has been added to the TG Magazines page 2. The April PTG Cover Girl (Stephanie Anne Jeffries) has been added to the PTG page. I have added the following girls to my Tgirl Directory: Andrina Westerdale and Jeanette Heller. I added a few new photos of Vivean Lauto her Cover Girl page. I added some new photos of Cassidy Lynn to her Cover Girl page and a couple new ones to herLingerie Model page. I am still working on the re-creation of Penelope LaJupe’s Cover Girl page - takes quite a while! I have added several new photos to Catherine’s Cover Girl page.

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