Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hi everyone! Below are the updates you will find at Rachel's Place this afternoon!

Cassie Finn is now the Featured Cover Girl. I have also added some new photos to Cassie Finn’s Lingerie Model page. I finished the re-creation of Penelope LaJupe’s Cover Girl page finally! I added a link on the Main Page to the Flickr Group I am Hostess of called “Tgirl Femininity” - please take a look! I updated the “B” and “J” girls in my Tgirl Directory. I have re-formatted the Lingerie Model photo gallery and the Cover Girl photo gallery to use JavaScript instead of a Flash gallery. The images are now larger and you can save them if you’d like! I will eventually convert all photo galleries to this type. I added 3 new pics to Penny’s Cover Girl page. I added several new photos to Paula Satin’s Lingerie Model page and Paula’s Cover Girl page. I have updated my personal Favorites Gallery and Lingerie Favorites Galleries to use the Java Script format. I have added some new photos to Cassidy Lynn’s Cover Girl page.

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