Sunday, May 29, 2016

I haven't had any comments to my blog yet. Please let me know your thoughts about me, my website, or anything at all. My website is: Here's the latest update to Rachel's Place:

Kris Rhea is now the Featured Cover Girl. I have added the following girls to my Tgirl Directory: Kris Rhea, Alina Wang, Anna Anna, Brooke 75, Chloe Quinn, Chrissi Z, Danielle Morea, Dawn Simmons, Linda, Misti, Lynne Lacy, Nikki Evans, Sarah Crossed, and Stephy Williams. Posted 3 new pics of Debbie in the Visitors Photo page. I have added the June 2016 issue of Pretty Tgirls Magazine to the TG Magazines Page 2. I have also added the June PTG Cover Girl (Jamie Rhodes) to the PTG page.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Below are the updates you will find at Rachel's Place beginning May 17th !!!

Shannon is now the Featured Cover Girl. Shannon is also my newest Lingerie Model. I have added 3 banners/link on the Fashion and Transformation page to Emma’s 3 Etsy sites. She is offering a 10% discount to visitors of Rachel’s Place (see the page for discount code)! I have added the same 3 banners/links on the main Lingerie page. I added several bridal pics to Angie Rineheart’s Cover Girl page. I have added a few more “wall of panties” pics to the Lingerie page. Don’t forget to email me your bridal pics for the special 2016 Bridal Gallery that will be posted at Rachel’s Place in June ( The deadline is May 31st!!! I have updated the Site Map to include the Bridal Tgirls and 2016 Bridal Gallery pages.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Below are the latest updates to Rachel's Place!

May 2, 2016: Belinda Elliot is now the Featured Cover Girl. Belinda is the first Cover Girl that I started using my new Java Script-based gallery with. It is soooooo much easier for me and I think you will like it too! I have just converted the Bridal Tgirls Gallery into the new format. There are 470 Bridal pics there! I have converted the Sissy Panties page to the new gallery format (273 pics there so far). I have re-created the Gallery of Tgirls page. Now it has 2 galleries with 2767 Tgirl from around the world! My 2001 Gallery, 2002 Gallery, 2003 Gallery, 2004 Gallery, 2005 Gallery, 2006 Gallery,2007 Gallery, 2008 Gallery, 2009 Gallery, 2010 Gallery, 2011 Gallery, 2012 Gallery, 2013 Gallery, 2014 Gallery, Bridal Gallery, French Maid Gallery, Portraits Gallery, my Lingerie Gallery 1, my Lingerie Gallery 2, my Lingerie Gallery 3, and 800+ pics in the Tgirls In Lingerie Gallery. have been converted to the new format. I updated my 2014 Gallery (and Biopage) to have a “Next” link to my 2016 Gallery. I have new pics for 2016 - just haven’t gotten around to posting them, but I will !!! I added some additional photos to my personal Lingerie Favorites Gallery. I added the May issue of Pretty Tgirls Magazine to the TG Magazines page 2. I added the May 2016 PTG Cover Girl (Suzane Olivia) to the PTG page and converted the PTG Cover Girl Gallery to the new format. I added one new pic to Celine’s Cover Girl Page.