Monday, October 17, 2016

Rachel's Place Update For October 17th!

Below are the updates you will find at Rachel's Place today!

Sandra Curry is now the Featured Cover Girl. I have added the following girls to my Tgirl Directory: Mary B. Contrary, Annabel Smith, Cindy Williams, Jeanne Rutherford, Jill Jansen, Michelle Johnson, Courtney Cummings, and Sarah Jane CD. I added several new pics and re-formatted Rebecca’s gallery toward the bottom of her special page! I added several new petticoat pics to Rebecca’s Lingerie Model page. I added the last 4 of Rebecca’s Workout Videos! I added many new pics of me posing in bras and panties on my Lingerie Page 3. I have added 4 new videos of me posing in panties, including 2 that have me kissing another Tgirl in panties (sort of)! The videos are on the top of the same Lingerie Page 3. Maartje and Geraldine are the newest members of Rachel’s Place! I minor changes to the Understanding Tgirl page. I added new pics to Cassidy Lynn’s Cover Girl page and to Cassidy’s Lingerie Model page. I changed Cassidy’s Cover Girl pics to be in more of a gallery format and included her updated bio. I added a quick link on the Bridal Tgirls page to get to the special 2016 Bridal Tgirl Gallery. I added 3 new pics to my Portraits page. I added new pics to Isabella Ross’s Cover Girl page and to Isabella’s Lingerie Model page. I revised Raquel Starlet to Raquel Renau in my Tgirl Directory. I updated Geraldine Martin’s pic in my Tgirl Directory. I have removed “Rachel’s Place Chat” as it wasn’t really a true chat room, which I am still looking to add. Anyone have sugestions? The Site Map and Interactivepages have been revised.

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