Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rachel's Place Update For March 16th

Below are the updates you will find at Rachel's Place today and there are a lot of them!!! I have also included a pic of me wearing just a bra and petticoat

Hannah McKnght is now the Featured Cover Girl. I have added the following girls to my Tgirl Directory: Angela Shyangel, Elsa Adriana, Katie Divine, Marcie, Patti Anne, and Siobhan Shannon. I corrected the “Freedom Rings” link on the TG Resources page. I updated the 2017 TG Survey page so you can navigate around Rachel’s Place from there easier. I changed the link to exit from the Home Page a bit. I have made some room to display the 2017 TG Survey results on the TG Surveys and Polls page. The 2017 Survey Results have been posted as of March 14th. I added a new pic to Paula Satin’s Cover Girl page and several new pics to Paula’s Lingerie Model page. I added several pics toChanelle Nirok’s Cover Girl page and added new pics to Chanelle’s Lingerie Model page as well. I added some new pics to Rebecca Sandra Waters’ Cover Girl page. I have added new pics to Lucy Hamilton’s Cover Girl page as well as toLucy’s Lingerie Model page. I have added new pics to Jenny London’s Cover Girl page and to Jenny’s Lingerie Model page. I added some new pics to Cassidy Lynn’s Cover Girl page and to Cassidy’s Lingerie Model page. I added new pics toKim Rydick’s Cover Girl page. Many of these gallery additions also involve converting the galleries over to a much more user-friendly JavaScript-based slide show gallery. I have started to add pics to the new Petticoat Page (starting with mine, blush) - don’t forget to email me your pics to include!!! I have added new pics to my Portraits Gallery. I have re-done myPersonal Favorites Gallery a bit and added some new pics. I added some new pics to my Personal Lingerie Favorites Gallery. In April, I will begin to feature 4 girls as Cover Girls at a time! This will only last until I get caught up with the many girls that wish to be Cover Girls here. Do not worry, each girl will have her very own Cover Girl page, complete with bio and gallery. I have finally added a “Rachel’s Place Chat” to the site … Yay! You can find it here, on the Main Page, or in the Interactive Page.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rachel's Place 2017 Transgender Survey

The 2017 Transgender Survey is now open. If you are anything TG (such as a Tgirl, crossdresser, etc), please take a few moments to take the survey and tell your friends too! Here's the link: