Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rachel's Place Update For April 2nd!

Below are the updates you find at Rachel's Place today. I also added a pic of me wearing one of my many petticoats - I just love them! If you haven't taken the 2017 TG Survey on my site yet, please do and tell your TG friends too!

Deana Rose, Nicole Marie and Sian Victoria Morgan are now the Featured Cover Girls. Due to a “backlog” of sorts in girls to be Cover Girls, I will try to catch up by having multiple Featured Cover Girls for a bit. However, each Featured Cover Girl has her very own page still. Chat note: The Chat box is available only on the following pages: What’s New, Main page, Cover Girls page, and the Interactive page. Once you start a chat, if you go to another page, just go back to one of these pages and the Chat will be still be running. I have added the following girls to my Tgirl Directory: Nicole Marie, Alexandra Delcourt, Isabella de Carrington, Lola Firstlove, Saki, Tessa Moore, and Sian Victoria Morgan. I have updated the Interactive Page a bit, as well as formatting on the Petticoats Page (I WILL be adding other girls’ pics soon), my Personal Lingerie Favorites Page, and my Portraits Page. Davina Thompson is the newest member of Rachel’s Place! I added the following to the Fashions and Transformation page: Nouveau She, New York Image Consultants, Boys Will Be Girls, and My Shemale Shop. I have also added these 4 to the TG Resources page. I added 4 new pics to Cassidy Lynn’s Cover Girl page. I added the March 2017 PTG Cover Girl (Suzane Olivia) to the Pretty Tgirls Group page. I added the March 2017 issue of Pretty Tgirls Magazine to the TG Magazines page 2.

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