Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rachel's Place Update For May 17th and 18th

Below are the various updates you will find at Rachel's Place for May 17th and 18th. I have also added at the end of this post 2 pics of me. First is me wearing a skirt that I bought (used) from a genetic girl on Ebay. I just found some pics of me, including this one, from way back in 2003! The last pic here is of me wearing a new dress and petticoat at a friend's house recently. I just LOVE wearing petticoats!

♥ May 18, 2017: I actually updated the TG Magazines page 2 to include the April and May 2017 issues of PTG Magazinethat I thought I did on May 4th! Wendee Satin and Danica Nelson are my newest Lingerie Models ! I also added Danica to my Tgirl Directory.

♥ May 17, 2017: Natalie Jane Webb, Tilly, Meghan Fournoit, and Stephanie Anne Jeffries are now the Featured Cover Girls. Due to a “backlog” of sorts in girls to be Cover Girls, I will try to catch up by having multiple Featured Cover Girls for a bit. However, each Featured Cover Girl has her very own page still. I have added the following girls to my Tgirl Directory: Stephanie Anne Jeffries, Natalie Jane Webb, Tilly, Meghan Fournoit, and Jess Harper. I added several new pics (as well as updating her gallery format) to Kellie Jeffries’ Cover Girl page. I have added a couple pics (Cassidy Lynn and Sierra Romeo) to the new Petticoats page. I am still working to complete this page! I added a Cover Girl Collage to Lisa Colette Thomas’ Cover Girl page.

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