Friday, June 2, 2017

Rachel's Place Update For June 1st !

Below are the updates you will find at Rachel's Place today! I have also included a pic of me wearing a feminine blouse and pleated skirt. I recentlt took many new pics, which I will share soon!

♥ June 1, 2017: Sonja Thompson, Jenna Moon, Yasmeen Wa, and Jill Catherine Smith are now the Featured Cover Girls. Due to a “backlog” of sorts in girls to be Cover Girls, I will try to catch up by having multiple Featured Cover Girls for a bit. However, each Featured Cover Girl has her very own page still. I have added the following girls to my Tgirl Directory: Yasmeen Wa, Jenna Moon, Sophie Schuett, and Jill Catherine Smith. I hope to add the June 2017 issue of Pretty Tgirls Magazine to the TG Magazines Page 2 soon-its giving me issues for some reason. I have added the June 2017 PTG Cover Girl (Dawn) to the PTG page. I added several new pics to Cassidy Lynn’s Cover Girl page and one toCassidy’s Lingerie Model page. Katie Rachelle is the newest member o Rachel’s Place! I have posted the latest results of my 2017 Transgender Survey. Only 178 responses so far … I really want over 1000 - tell your friends please!

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