Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rachel's Place Update For October 10th !

Below are the recent updates at Rachel's Place. I have also included a couple of new pics of me too.

♥ October 6, 2017: I have updated Monika Cathrine’s Finalist pic per her request on the Finalists page. The final results of my 2017 TG Survey are now posted. I have updated the 2017 TG Surveys page to remove entering survey responses on the 2017 TG Survey. I added the following girls to my Tgirl Directory: Carol Smith, Francesca Blue, Jane Louise, andMichelle L.

♥ October 4, 2017: Melisa Garcia is now the Featured Cover Girl. I have also added Melisa to my Tgirl Directory. I have added a special page called “Lucille Sorella’s Feminization Tips”. Lucille has a wonderful website and has been kind enough to allow me to reprint her articles here (articles to follow). I updated the site map a bit. I added new pics to my personal 2017 Gallery. I added new pics to my personal Portrait Gallery. I added new pics to my personal Lingerie Gallery Four. I added new pics to my Personal favorites and Lingerie Favorites galleries.

♥ September 29, 2017: I have finally added some new pics of me to my 2017 Gallery and a couple new ones to myPortraits page!

♥ September 26, 2017: A quick note about the Most Beautiful Cover Girl competition. Once you vote, you will have the opportunity to see the results that the survey calculates. Please ignore its "weighted rankings" as it assumes that the goal is to have as many "1" votes as possible. My instructions for voting are to use a ranking from 1 (your least favorite) to 10 (your most favorite). I have my own system that will calculate the top 3 girls. Thanks! Tiffany Michelle is now the Featured Cover Girl. The following girls have been added to my Tgirl Directory: Claire, Eva Caruso, Julie Pa, and Tiffany Michelle. I added several new pics to Bethany La Belle’s Cover Girl page.