Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rachel's Place Update For November 9th !

Below are the updates at Rachel's Place recently. Sorry I'm a bit late with this !!!

♥ November 9, 2017: I changed my personal Lingerie Favorites page just a bit. I added a couple more pics of myAmazon Reviews of various clothes I have bought there. I have added the following girls to my Tgirl Directory: Corinne Cherie, Edna Santos, Heather Hart, Sandy Crane, and Sarah G.

♥ November 5, 2017: Jessica Kelly is now the Featured Cover Girl. I have added Jessica to my Tgirl Directory. Good news and bad news … the good news is that my site is now protected by McAffee so there won’t be any viruses here (not that there were any), the bad news is that I am having real difficulty in adding more issues of Pretty Tgirls Magazine to the TG Magazines page 3. I will keep trying but no guarantees.

♥ October 21, 2017: I have added the October 2017 PTG Cover Girl (Barbara Barbie) to the PTG page. I added a news note about the top 3 girls in The Most Beautiful Cover Girl Competition on the main page along with their photos!

♥ October 18, 2017: Kelly B. Smith is now the Featured Cover Girl. The votes are in and here are the 3 top girls of the Most Beautiful Cover Girl competition: The Most Beautiful Cover Girl is Stephanie Anne Jeffries! The First Runner-Up is Stephanie Wardlow! The Second Runner-Up is Ashley Stevens! I have updated the Survey page and the special Finalists’ page. Special photos of the top 3 girls have been added. Their prize from me will be to be announced shortly! Congratulations girls !!! I have added the following girls to my Tgirl Direcetory: Chloe Dresser, Debbie, Erin H,Kalley, Kelly B. Smith, Mandii Mason, Poppie, Rachel Smith, Regina Newlands, Sophie Smith, Vanessa Munz, andVivienne. Regina Newlands is the newest member of Rachel’s Place! I have added pics of Regina to the Visitor’s Pics page too.

♥ October 11, 2017: I have taken down the 207 TG Survey page as all surveys are now complete and I updated the site map. I have closed the voting for The Most Beautiful Cover Girl and I am currently analyzing the results, including deleting duplicate votes from the same location. The top 3 girls will be announced shortly!!! I updated my personalLingerie Favorites Gallery.

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